Robotic fresh food kiosks

That serve you fresh food 24 x 7

At your office, in the pantry / cafeteria

Or at your apartment clubhouse

Fresh bowls • made just for you • in under a minute


Freshly prepared to your order, and served in under a minute. Waiting for 45 mins is so 2020.


Walk down to your clubhouse or pantry and grab a bit anytime. Your late night hunger pangs served well.


Occupies less than 10 sqft. You could convince your RWA or office admin to make space for Xook.


Spicy or sweet, creamy or saucy. You say it; Xook makes it. Your plate made to your taste.

Want to experience Xook early?

Share a few details with us, and we’ll get in touch with you to arrange a sneak peek and a few bites.