A Resto that's

Xook is a fully-autonomous resto that serves fresh and hygienic food, across multiple cuisines.

To get a bowl of food, all you have to do is personalize your choice of dish on the Xook app or web and place an order.

Good Food. Anytime. Everytime.

Culinary creativity. Freshest ingredients. Robotic precision. Digital recipes.

The entire universe conspires to give you a 'foodgasm', everytime you experience Xook dishes.

Deploy Anywhere

With a mere 20 sq. ft. footprint and a plug-n-play setup, Xook can be deployed practically anywhere.

Airport Gates
Hospital Lobbies
Convenience Stores
Office Pantries
Airport Gates
Xook is

Xook can dispense, mix, garnish or sprinkle any ingredients that you fill it with.

Such flexibility enables Xook to run it a like a Boutique Resto or a multi cuisine 'Food Court'.

Here is a sneak-peek to a small subset of dishes that Xook can serve today.

Salad Studio


Pasta Delight

Pasta salad with a mediterranean touch


Sprouts Salad

Sprouts, raw mango and grated fresh veggies


Esto Pesto Salad

The classic pesto pasta with a twist

Mexican Joint


Mexican Nachos

Jalapeno and nachos topped with house made creamy Mexican sauce


Southwest Mini Potatoes

Baked baby potatoes topped with house made Southwest sauce.


Salsalito Shots

Baked baby potatoes made the mexican way

Italian Bistro


Pasta Arrabiata

Classic pasta with arrabiata sauce


Italian Baby Potatoes

Baked baby potatoes with arrabiata sauce


Italian Nachos

Nachos topped with house made arrabiata sauce

Fusion Bar


Pita & Hummus

Crispy Pita Chips with home made hummus.


Chinese Bhel

Chopsuey with a desi twist.


Berrylicious Kebab

Fusion of yogurt kebabs and blueberry sauce

Xook is Live in India
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Bhive Premium, Co-working Space
Springfields, Apartment Complex
Upcoming US Sites
Austin, Texas
Q4 2023
San Francisco Bay Area, California
Q2 2024
Houston, Texas
Q2 2024
San Antonio, Texas
Q3 2024
Miami, Florida
Q3 2024
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Q3 2024
Customer Love
"Yummy😋 - mouthwatering treats (esp dahi papdi chaat😍)…."
"Does your office have a food robot?....."
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"Future of food for foodies....."
"....Our snack scene at workplace is sorted...."
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Xook Tech. The secret sauce.

What truly makes Xook a product from The Future?


Xook Primus™ Platform

A Modular Hardware Platform, developed in-house, based on the philosphy of Lego toys. Allows 'plug-n-play' of different hardware modules like dispesners, cleaning unit, delivery unit etc.


Xook Sense™ IoT Platform

Advanced IoT and edge-computing platform that uses computer vision and deep learning technologies to track, measure and deliver fresh, consistent and beautiful dishes, repeatably.


Advanced Robotics

High precision robotics, tailor-made for our compact design. Proprietary path planning and collision detection algorithms that guarantee reliability and speed.

Experience Xook.

All you have to do is ask. We will take care of the rest.


Plug in!

Show us a space with a power socket. We'll be all set to start serving in a day.


Sit back and relax!

Our chefs curate exclusive menu for you. We service fresh ingredients daily, and operate the kiosk.


Zero upfront cost!

Yes. You heard it right. No rentals, no subscription. Food is the only thing that costs a dime!

Get a one week trial